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President's Day

Mount Rushmore

The United States of America is different from most other countries because we have a president and not a king, queen or prime minister. The president has a lot of work, but the most important job is to work for our safety and let us live peacefully. 

People vote for the president every 4 years and any American citizen over the age of 35 can be president. They usually serve for 4 or 8 years. The president also runs certain organizations like the FBI, the Army and Navy. The president  is often referred to as “Commander-in-Chief.” This means that the president is the head of the soldiers and sailors.

The president is supposed to work with the congress and is also involved with picking the judges on the Supreme Court. 

Other facts about the presidents:

  • They live at the White House in Washington, DC

  • Most have been married and have kids (and pets)

  • Most were lawyers and served as governors of states, were generals or served in the Congress. Some were business people. 

  • Unfortunately, some presidents died while being president from being sick and some were killed. 

  • A few presidents got married while being president. 

  • Some famous and popular presidents include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. 

  • Some not so famous or popular presidents include Millard Filmore, Martin Van Buren, Chester Arthur and Rutherford Hayes.

Here are some questions and maybe your parents, friends, or older brothers and sisters can help you!

  1. What is the address of the White House

  2. How many presidents have we had so far?

  3. Who was the first president? 

  4. Who is president today?

  5. Who was the president during the Civil War?

  6. Who was the president to serve the longest time? (Bonus: How long?)

  7. Who was the president to serve the shortest time? (Bonus: How long?)

  8. What is a First Lady? (Bonus: Name two)

  9. Name two presidents who were Army Generals? (Bonus: Which wars?)

  10. Which two presidents have birthdays in February? (Bonus: What are each of their birth dates?)

Parents! Check out some of my articles that talk about presidents. Learn more about John Adams and his involvement with the Boston Massacre and Abraham Lincoln’s relationship with abolitionist Frederick Douglass.

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