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Bringing History to the Present

Place yourself in the time of the Renaissance. You would have experienced exploration and invention, oppression and regression; treatises and peace pacts, violence and war; growth and prosperity, hunger and plague; traditionalism and humanism; and the rise of representative government and the growth of authoritarianism. Are these or any other given times much different from our own? 

While no time or situation is ever exactly the same, we can always point to history to see similarities and try to understand how people, societies and cultures experienced those situations.

The information conveyed through the concept of In2 Mundus will place present and ongoing situations in our political, cultural and media atmosphere with aspects, people and events of the past. We attempt to go to the origin of the story to provide the full story. We also ask the very important question of - Why?

In2 Mundus provides information that is exciting, interesting, pleasant and not very pleasant. The information derives from reputable sources, is real and factual. ​

The information provided is not meant to persuade your views in one way or another. It is simply to inform you and encourage you to learn more about current, historic and cultural events.

Join me as we go In2 Mundus!

Anthony J. Falconeri, MBA

Founder and Senior Editor

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